Sunday, March 12, 2023

moo in the net


Moo in the net

Once talking so loud

On the court cluster

Now he is in the shoe

What will he say?

MO1 poked fun on him

Maybe he will go to Kajang prison

They can share notes

The moos leaders play their role

Moo doesn't need to resign

Once talked so loudly on court cluster

Now their minds are blinded conveniently

It isn't a political prosecution

Moo has no reason or basis to claim it

Even C4 got it wrong in its statement

Nobody dared to probe when he was in power!

Now Moo in the net

Let us see how he will say in court

Maybe he may not appear

He may get sick on his rising cortisol

The game we play

Know the rules know the consequences

Karma will be watching all the times

The wrong move we will pay big time

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