Monday, March 27, 2023

politics and religions


Politics and religions

The toxic mixture of doom

Any party which uses it as its core

It will not bring good vibrations at all

Religions should stay as it is

Let the faithful fulfill their vows

Without the hindrance of politics

The politicians only care for themselves

The history in our records

It will tell the bad news for all

Using religion for a political end

A short term gain a long term failure

The Crusades were a bad example

The Christians used it to expand wide

But what happened in the end episode?

The sorry state of affairs

Now we have the Islamic extremists

They will face the same dilemma as the Christians

Iran is finding hard to control the change arising

Saudi Arabia is slowly releasing her control

Politics shouldn't mix with religion

It will not bring a better solution in our lives

The political will is needed to change it

No religion in politics no religion for the Federation

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