Thursday, March 09, 2023

PH leaders don't under-estimate your enemy


Don't ever under-estimate your enemy

It will be a down-fall for many

In the corporate world or in politics

Don't fall for the false hope of power in hand

It is said better to be close to your enemy

We will know what the enemy is planning

With it we can plan our counter-moves

Check the walls ready for the attack

PH leaders mustn't forget

They lost the game in 22 months

Under-estimated the friendly fires

Until they broke the back door to win

Now the opponents are at it again

They did smell the success before

They wanted to plan a similar game

Because of Anti-hopping law in place

Yet the opponents don't stay quiet

They fire up the bush in flames

The smoke choking up the air we breathe

They think they are clever in pollution

PH leaders must stay alert

Anwar should get the draconian laws amended

The rest of the bad policies may follow suit

Even amendments to the Constitution need to look into

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