Monday, November 17, 2008


The laws enacted to be fair
The law makers think it is so
In the hands of the power crazy
The laws used for personal glory

What law is in you?
It is so hard to say sorry
Ganging up to protect
The wrongs they want to hide

Anybody who tries
Open up the can of worms
The laws will come
Running by the barking dogs
Giving you no leeway to defend

By the laws decreed
It is hard to get away
The Judiciary can’t practice its freedom
Follow the rules let them rot in jail

So you see
The lawmakers never think
Enactment done they forget
The laws have become
The freedom of choices runs
Only the powerful with our votes smile
On top of the hill waving at our distress

As the wind blowing through
They think they are gods on the hill
Only a temporary shelter
When the time comes
We will make them history
On this day………………..

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