Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The men in blue
Neutrality never arrives
They go after the innocents
With batons and water cannons

All because BN leaders say
‘Don’t let the people get away
Don’t let the people have their say’
The men in blue
Forget they are paid
By the taxes of the people
They want to arrest

The men in blue
Crime rates shoot up
They close one eye
Letting it escalates
They don’t use batons and water cannons
They are helpless sitting around

The neutrality they stand
No order from the BN leaders
So they can’t charge
Look at Mat Rempit
A menace in our society

The men in blue
Wake up do your job
Play fair in carrying out your duties
No lopsided investigations
They are famous for it

The men in blue
Tattered images hard to skip
They don’t realize
Pushing the people in a tight corner
They will retaliate
Forming new government

Don’t show blind allegiance
Do your job fairly without fear and favor
Catch the culprits and put them behind bars
Don’t let them tempt you with careers advancement
And monetary rewards for job well done

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