Thursday, November 13, 2008


Big blow Penang: A tennis enthusiast watches from the newly-erected stands as locals walk on a court built specially for the Kings of Tennis tournament. The historic Esplanade field was dug up and tarred over for the big event scheduled for Friday. However, with the tournament called off, organisers are now looking at a huge loss of RM17.5mil. And they have to get the field back into its original condition. — RONNIE CHIN/ The Star

The Big Bang of tennis
It was gone just like that
Hustling about money
The Esplanade is left crying

No airing to the world
Of the true historical ground
Wooing tourists to come
Now only the emptiness
And losses to count

Why it gone wrong?
In the last hurdle to boot
A sad disgrace in our lives
When event of this statue
It turned humpty dumpty
Falling out on his chair

The headaches now become
The organizers too
Now the Esplanade
Abandoned misused

The crying of the sea
The waves lashing on the shore
Staring at the empty ground
The Esplanade is left crying

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