Friday, November 07, 2008


141 nominations
He with so many scandals
Smile widely with his fat mama
“See I told you I would be”

Fat mama winkles at her sweet boy
Looking straight in his eyes says
“You forget Guruji?
You better don’t
He is making it happening”

He walks slowly on the steps
“I know fat mama I know
I haven’t sat on the chair
I will not forget”

The world of political black magic
Blowing across the party elections
Every one got smacked up sweetly
Raising hands collected their packets
The short way to reaching stars
For a short spell they willing to sell

Guruji hides somewhere
Prospecting his skills at large
Now the masses will say
“He is the Man!”

Along Hero’s Lane
The cendol guy sells his drinks
Tastefully great in a bowl
In it there is the show
The prime time “Hero Returns”

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