Tuesday, November 04, 2008


MCA and Gerakan
The tools of UMNO
Using them to do
The dirty works

When it is done
These leaders run
Let MIC sweep up the crumbs
Maybe there is something found

When there is nothing
MIC sweeps silently along
Burning with desire
Of what others got

UMNO smoking cigars
Whipping up sugar cream
Passing it around
Let the merry making begins

Sitting high on the hill
Feng Shui good; fortunes plenty
Brewing magic potion
Branding own brethrens

Urging Fatwa rulings
Though Allah never appoints any
The last prophet (pbuh) had done his job
Now the unauthorized persons do
The bidding of the Lord

MCA and Gerakan
Speak loudly in their conventions
When asking to do the right thing
They keep quiet facing the truth
They are just the lap dogs
Barking loudly in the neighborhood

MIC walks by
Blowing the horn selling kutumayam
Times are hard contracts of wealth
Only crumbs throwing around
Quietly picking it up
Grateful there is something left

Here the nation suffers
The people asking change
Better wake up
Before it is too late

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