Sunday, November 09, 2008


The late evening rain
It didn’t dampen the people’s spirits
For when the time arrived
Ipoh mari say No to ISA
At the D R Seenivasagam Park

The road was wet
The ground of green grass shone
In the candle lights
By then in the tent people gathered around
Waiting for the speeches
The well known politicians and bloggers

LKS, Kulasegaran, Nga
Din Merican and Zorro
Say No to ISA
Released all prisoners in Kah Moon Thing
Binned ISA let history says its peace

The people decide
We make the changes
We have the power to do it
We can change the government

The shining moon sparkled
The candles light up the dim environment
I looked around my surrounding
I knew these people would make the changes
In their true feeling they know

Ipoh mari say No to ISA
Probably about 150 people came
3 policemen stoodby at the entrance
Watching the proceeding
Let no incident interfered

The cool breeze
It made the gathering coolly
Let this be the message
“Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
In their special ways changes can be made”

Say no to ISA
We can’t be living in its shadow
It is time this draconian law put out of business
It has no role in our lives at all

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