Tuesday, November 25, 2008


By StickWare on Flickr

Women always the poorer
In everything you do in this world
You want to act and dress like guys
You are disallowed by religious edicts

Even learning skillful exercises for health
You are again banned for exposing too much
You invite unwarranted erotic desires of men
You are only suppose to do behind closed doors

Men the predators always on the move
Searching for preys looking for innovative ways
To catch the unwary women alone waiting
On the streets; in the homes; in the cars

Women everything you want to do
Men decide for you
You have no say though you protests
In every possible way you can

Now you better be aware
Men try to prey on you
They look gentlemen, kindly faces
Passing you business cards
As everyone uses to do

You better decline
You don’t know what these guys will do
It is reported about these business cards
It contains a drug called “Burundanga”
It makes you losing your mind for awhile
You don’t know what is happening

It is 4 times dangerous than the date rape drug
So women you are always on the men’s minds
The guys always look for ways to entrap you
So watch out when you are alone
Women be wary of the business cards
It is cheap to print; it isn’t cheap when you got hooked
You lose many so don’t ignore….

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