Saturday, November 15, 2008


the weeping angel

Razak Baginda no appeal
The prosecution declined to file it
Leaving him legally free
Why change of tactic?

Atlantuya will not go peacefully
She will seek her revenge on her pieces flying
In the air into dreams
The price must pay
For a lost life

So many loopholes
On her case arises
Important people aren’t call
To reflect on the case
These people could be directly involved
In execution its chain of crime

Now we watch
And read what the prosecution will do
Maybe preparing lack of prima facie evidence
So the other 2 will be set free

Who ordered the execution?
Who ordered the release of C4?
Who ordered the destroying of immigration records?
Who ordered the covering up of the case?
Who ordered to play along in the court?

Many questions and loopholes
The prosecution isn’t filing an appeal
Leaving him legally free
Only Atlantuya weeps
Until she seeks her justice

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