Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What they want to say?
Police CPO and Minister
Telling like it is
Telling lies no crime

The double standard in policing
It isn’t the first day we were born into
It has been 51 years listening to these
‘Maintain law and order for public sake’

When peaceful gathering walking in the park
With candles singing national anthem
Patriotism should be encouraged
But the men in blue wagging tails
Tongue lashing out heat in their eyes

There will be no peaceful gathering
The men in blue shouted and threatening
Creating chaos then blame the peacemakers
The old tactics woven to the men in blue

The men in blue
Crimes so many where are they?
No hunting for these criminals
The crimes blossom men in blue sing

Men in blue
Get the crimes down
Work independently
Why take on the innocents?
Big guns try to close one eye

Nobody is above the law
Even the big guns
So do your work independently
Without fear or favor
Men in blue
You owe it to your consciousness

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