Thursday, November 06, 2008


Anyone can be PM
When we think as Malaysians
Is that so hard to dream?
Think about it

Currently it is Malay race
Nothing but racial story
Don’t we have enough of it?
Where is Malaysia in all these?

The sleeping beauty
He never fails to give his worth
His agendas before he leaves office
Nothing seems to come about

The Malays can’t accept
Other races to helm important positions
They think of their race
They don’t even mention Malaysians
So what the sleeping beauty says………
His party will issue show cause letter?

The Malays will destroy themselves
History has recorded it………
Changes will knock on doors
When the doors are not multi-colors
The fire will consume it

The Malays should adopt changes
The way other races are doing
Live within the scope and abilities
Go beyond when it is proven
Not be spoon fed and hope it lasts
My friends read the history of the Roman Empire

The sleeping beauty strokes his genius
In his dreams he wants to be remembered
By saying that he hopes to garner changes
He should stop the gravy train
And the politics of money……..

We all dreams
Martin Luther King “I have a dream……..”
In it we make one “Obama” in our time
The best person to run the affairs of the country

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