Sunday, November 23, 2008


God is great
In His wisdom he tells us
Don’t judge onto others
When you don’t want others to judge you

Jakim bans tomboyish women
Jakim rules yoga shouldn’t be practiced by Muslims
About homosexuals there are worst than committing murders
Do the religious officials forget we are the children of God?

Don’t they sit down and think?
Why God makes these people?
It is asking us to show compassion
The way they are not to condemn them

There are many colored people
Black, white, brown and albino
Likewise there are many born in different concepts
Allowing the ordinary people to show compassion

When we condemned others
We don’t go to heavens
We should help these people
Maybe if we save one; we save the world

I am not going to argue
The religious authority
Of any faith to pursue its edits

God is testing us
And we fail on the wayside
The religious scholars
They are no better
Then the common thieves and conmen

Love your neighbors
Jihad on oneself
Know what God is testing us
We have failed to grasp His ways
And so we have problems
Ancient, current and tomorrow

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