Thursday, November 20, 2008


60,000 undergraduates unemployed
Loafing around wasting talents
Back at home loitering in complexes
Passing time waiting for jobs to come by

Does BN government understand why?
Unemployed graduates every time
Languages skill they don’t have
English language the world uses
Companies need them to speak and write
Dealing with contacts locally and overseas

Yet the BN government doggedly pursues
Bahasa Malaysia for all citizens……………….
It never really wants to encourage learning languages
It is the future of these students to master it
On English language to get a head start into employment

No the BN government can’t think outside the box
Doggedly pursuing the malay agendas
Now what the country gets for her troubles
Wasting talents loitering around
In villages and complexes

The human resources
The harnessing let to waste
Yet the BN government doesn’t want to wake up
Learn the lesson; change the concept

60,000 unemployed graduates
Wasting talents and resources
Pitying the parents and taxpayers monies
All gone to waste for BN policies

Learn languages
Nothing to lose for anybody
It can be an asset in one career moves
In business locally and globally
Will the BN government change?
Else we change BN boot it into bin

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