Monday, November 10, 2008


Men in blue
Rocking on the streets
Shields up batons high
Battling the obedient gathering
Unleashed their form of battery

Charging to create fear
On the peaceful gathering
Singing the national anthem
Patriotism never sings
In this case is it?

Helpless people run
Encountering of the arrogant men in blue
Bossing the people
When they are suppose to protect and serve

Cheap slogans
Posted in the police stations
When come to protect the people
They think differently

Now who gives the order?
The peaceful assembly makes no trouble
Obedient group gathering for a common cause
Believing saying No to ISA
Police shouldn’t run after them

Our tax money uses for different purposes
Antagonizing the people creating fear
With their armory who want to fight
Yet the men in blue
Go after the people

Changes will come
It is in motion no forces can changed it
Come rain and shine
The momentum already rolling

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