Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Peaceful vigils
Police close the doors
Even applying for permits
All silly rules on the dot

We are civilized people
What have gone wrong?
Peaceful gathering in the parks
It can’t be done any more

Police will come
Trucks and personnel
Angry faces as if we make them
Away from their loved ones or favorite shows
Hitting batons on shields like children getting angry
When parents take away their favorite toys

BN says don’t ape the Colonial
With this piece of law BN pockets it
Using it for its own purposes
Even its goons say it so………..

When they march in public demonstration
No police came nor arrest made
On the door steps of the police station
Allowing them to make report
Carrying banners saying about their race
Hello this is Malaysia
We are Malaysians
BN never learns after March 8
Still arrogant and aren’t finding ways to change

So here we are again
Every weekend lighting candles praying
Wishing new light will shine tomorrow
Let the MPs switch allegiance
Not for their party but for Malaysia

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