Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh Chief!
Why so afraid?
Of the men in blue
Running your state

You are the commanding in chief
The lord of the state
Elected by the people
For the people
Now where is your royalty?
Blowing off with the wind?

Oh Chief!
We have faith in you
The corporate world once knew you
Now you are running a state
Where is the managing gone?

Don’t let the men in blue
Holding you showing no respect of your office
Tell them what you want for your state
If the men in blue refuse to respect
Let them out of your domain
You don’t have to play their games

Oh Chief!
You don’t listen do you?
Tell the men in blue
If they don’t listen to you
Ask them to go elsewhere
Destroying the peace of candles light vigils
When they have better things to do

Crimes dancing rock and roll
For the men in blue busy catching the innocents
Surrounding them treated them like criminals
View the video recordings is just 5 minutes will do
You were once known for the minute details
Now where has it all gone?

O Chief!
Walk the title you hold
Be the chief the corporate world once knew
Let the men in blue know their roles
Follow your instructions for the state you manage
Else pack the CPO out of the state
You don’t need him to tarnish your image

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