Monday, November 24, 2008


Don’t think you are healthy
You shall not get sick…….
Exercise regularly and eat properly
Masticate fruits in plenty……….
Life is rosy

You forget one thing
It is God’s will
If He wants you to fall sick
You can’t escape
You can’t say no

See it happens to me
Today I haven’t recovered fully
I fell ill on Saturday
Vomiting and perching
Later I got headache

For one and half days
I never consume solid food
I took biscuits, powdered milk
And 100 plus drink to control the vomiting
And one or two grapes
And a lot of resting

Today I am not fully recovered
I still feel the headache roaming in me
So I guess I should take another day rest
The rule of thumb it will be 3 days

So don’t think you are healthy
There will not be a sickness
It isn’t what you think…..
It is God’s will
You can’t escape

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