Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lies by ©opy®ight.

Guruji! Guruji!
‘Where is my potion?’

Guruji turns around
Take his umbrella pokes his head
‘You have to fight your own battle
I have done what I could’

The fat mama sulks silently
Eyes piercing tears begin to fall
‘Guruji you promise me
Nothing will come this way
Now look at my castle
It is tumbling down!’

Guruji takes a deep breath
‘Greed has no place
For a short term you can play
Carry it out to the extreme
No magic will make it through’

Fat mama tears fall
On the marble tiles reflecting on it
The game of power and corruption
It has a price to pay
Nobody can escape

The ringing in her ears
Fat mama blames her chicken man
He dares not want to fight
Though he has to power to crush opponents
He runs with the odds stacked against him

‘Guruji I do anything
Give me the potion one last time
I have spent all I could
My last life I sacrifice to you’

Guruji stops at the doors
‘I can’t accept it
You have ruined your own
I told you have to balance your greed
To peter it out a bit longer
You are too greedy
In the end you pay’

Fat mama stands
Seeing Guruji walks away
Flashes of brilliant she had once
Now the domino effect sets in
The burning head catcher is in town
He tolerates no nonsense
He will get his job done!

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