Thursday, November 27, 2008


The global turmoil
The bailouts and fall outs
The world seems to stand still
Watching the acidic drilling in our minds

The economic packages
Big companies calling for assistance
Yet they are leaders ignoring them
To find your own ways

The Thais demonstrate
The army pulls in with the crowd
Asking the government to hold fresh election
Why it happen in Thailand capital city?
Disillusion and lost confidence

Mumbai rocks by blasts
Islamic militants hit the ground
Here the Fatwa Council edicts
Tomboyish dressing for women
Yoga and what else?

When bread and butter issues
Conveniently ignoring the people
And the government leaders still think
Malaysia is economically stable
Whom are the government leaders kidding?
5 years old kids running in the parks?

Along the rumbles
PR waits
No more rhetoric deadline
This time Anwar works quietly

Najib may not sit on his throne
Though it seems likely as this moment
It never ends until the final whistle
Don’t we forget in any game of play?

The ball is rolling
The dice is spinning
The spin doctors work magic
And we wait crossing fingers
Others go pray for deliverance
Of justice and freedom

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