Thursday, November 06, 2008


Senator Barack Obama led the Democrats to a sweeping election victory, making him the first African-American President of the United States of America.
President-elect Barack Obama appears on stage with his family members for his victory at his election party in Chicago on Tuesday.--AFP

The wind of change in America
It isn’t about skin colors and religions
This is what democracy about
The best person for the top job

It is the marching forward
To the centuries of beyond
Life can’t be spending
About race ruling others
It is about the best amongst the lot
For the country needs

Will it happen in Malaysia?
The malay supremacy afraid of challenges
Citing irrelevant issues……..
Without the country where are we?

The country comes first
When the base is stood firmly
The people will progress
So we need the best man
To do the job for tomorrow and beyond

Right now we have irresponsible people
Politicians and academicians harp the wrong issues
Always for their race nothing about multi-racial
It is time they relook themselves
Is Malaysia a multi-racial multi-religious country?

Honestly give the answer
The road of recovery will be easy
For the country progresses
We must think as one people one nation

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