Saturday, November 15, 2008


Semi-value wants to go on
He doesn’t want to let go
He still thinks he has his unfinished business
In 30 years he seems he can’t finish it

So he will try
‘Give me this last chance
I want to finish it
My agendas for my kind’

Will the followers heed his call?
They should retire him for good
He brings severe handicap to his people
Many on the lower rank can’t take it any more

When Hindraf sweeps along
The people welcome it for a change
Fighting to put the social cake in order
Only big brother in the coalition doesn’t agree

So in the lowest social ladder
The people slog it out
Praying and crying for something
Be fair with their labor
And their sacrifices to the nation

But do the leaders heed the call?
Semi-value should go, period
He has no business to helm it
As a leader he has failed
Hindraf says it
So was March 8
It’s time you go Semi-value
You have stayed your welcome

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