Friday, November 28, 2008


In crimes nothing is too long in prison
Dare to inflict pain and death
The accused must dare to face the consequences
There is no middle ground to argue about it

Every life and object
It has a life of its own
Don’t do it recklessly
Thinking it isn’t one’s own skin

The law of master and slave long time gone
If people can’t value domestic help
These people shouldn’t hire them
Don’t treat another human like slavery

It is always a tragedy
When employers lose humanity skills
Engaging domestic helpers then mistreated them
I heard so many stories about the poor helpers
Willing to sacrifice family life to earn some money
So that families back home can enjoy life

The court of law
Mete out the maximum jail sentence
We can’t afford to hear stories
About employers running amok
On the helpless domestic workers

If these people can’t honor human lives
It is better they do it themselves
People come from afar
To earn a living for their families

Though I know of stories
About domestic helpers killing employers
Of too much rules and rigidity
Of lovers and affairs……….

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