Friday, November 21, 2008


Days and nights
The drumbeats never stop
It keeps drumming
Keeping the people on the toes

Time after time
We hear some good cheers
About petrol and cheap fares
Yet our cost of living
It never changes

Businessmen and hawkers
No change in prices
Giving all kinds of excuses
They only want profits
Nothing else matters

And the government says
Price control it can’t do it all
So the people are at the mercy
Of these businessmen and hawkers

We hear the distance drumming beats
Telling us nothing is good as it seems
Candles night vigils amongst concerned people
Spreading news about the country’s affairs

And the government ministers say
Everything is under control
They don’t say anything else
When we read and know about global financial woes

Days and nights
We worry about our economy
And its fallout on the peoples’ welfare
The government better come clean
Don’t hide behind the bushes
Telling us there are flowers
To give us smile……………..

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