Tuesday, November 11, 2008


perth WA

Houses on the Mosman Bay
Many Malaysians go to stay
Quickly set up homes
Be free as they say

Over 4 hour flying time
One can fly to Sabah, Hong Kong and Perth
Houses on the Mosman Bay
We know many political elites
Second homes sitting there

Leaving the plunders behind
Let others cement its holes
They get their chances
They make it quick on time

Houses on the Mosman Bay
The make it millionaires go to stay
The tycoons hide there
When the heat back home
Too much to bear

The cooling it paradise
Living outside the country
Nobody will know
House owners on Mosman Bay

We can only write and dream
About the riches they make
Leaving the bad behind
We have to carry their burden
Paying our taxes covering their tracks
Houses on the Mosman Bay
The elites go there to stay

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