Wednesday, November 05, 2008


History lessons
Of yesteryears
It seems vested interested parties ignore
Brewing racial politics doing damages to the nation
Of many religions, multi-racial and cultures

Now look at the Superpower USA
The minority worked up to elect a Black President
This is history in America
The Americans got fed up of old issues
Time they pick someone beyond colors
And lead the nation to the World

Back home we have myopic leaders
Still harping on the malay supremacy
As if it is a menu it can’t change
On petty issues nothing to do with economics

Arguing on BM
Ignoring other languages in FC
Complaining about PKNS appointment
Insisting it should be a Malay

Other Malaysians can’t do the job?
This is the frog in coconut shell problem
Time the Malay wakes up to reality
This is the borderless world

Filing case on road signs languages
What are they trying to show?
Only Zaid Ibrahim has the gut to say
Take stock learn the history

You hack it or you leave behind
The best person wins in the borderless competitive world
Nothing to do with race – supremacy or stupidity
We want to hack the world
So be united else disunited we fall

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