Thursday, November 13, 2008


Time to let go
The old man can’t
He still wants to say his way
He had his chances
He seems he forgets

Now no party
UMNO too he let go
What is he trying to say?
Malay supremacy

Malaysia for Malaysians
Race shouldn’t be the bargain chip
It has to put to rest
Into the history of our time

The world can’t wait
Time too is clicking away
Here we still harping on racial issues
Fighting for survival
The politicians want their way

The world economy is hitting hard
The politicians keep talking nothing will come
The old man thinks he has his solutions
He wants to play his way

No party yet he keeps talking
About race and supremacy
Doesn’t he know he has his chance?
Now he has to let go

The old man should talk about Malaysia
And her people called Malaysians
For once he should step out of his box
Talk like a true Malaysian
Not about race not about race politics

We want to stand tall
Challenging the world
So we mustn’t talk about race
It has to be Malaysian
Marching forward

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