Thursday, November 27, 2008


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The small things
The authority spends so much time on it
When decades of exercising feeling the flow
Now someone wants to impede

The serious business
The authority sleeps on it
Crimes, corruptions, injustices
Laws passed; unfairly treated

Only small things
The authority makes so much noise
Dishing it out without realizing it
The menu is the ingredients blending perfectly

One can’t live in a shell
Telling others to back off
When engagements will bring fruitful knowledge
Think out of the box
The way The Lord wants His children to do
Yet somehow corrupted minds spin

So you think you go to paradise?
Sit and think about it
Hell is where all will be gone
If we don’t wake up soon

Our world may just collapse
The ancient has spoken and recorded
On history why so many waves of human species?
One race destroyed another takes over

And we are fighting
This is my rights; this is your rights
We never even cross the bridge to heavens
We live in our own shells…

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