Monday, November 10, 2008



Quietly they wanted to protest
About No to ISA
In Amcorp vicinity
Large turn out until the police charged

Minded people gathered
For a cause they believe in
No to ISA
Peacefully in numbers

Here we had the police
Arresting the peaceful candles carrier
Singing Negara-ku
Song for the country
No Sir………the police aren’t interested

About rapes, robberies, murders
Misuse of power, commercial crimes
Snatch thieves, house break-ins
They have so much time on their hands
So they go catch the innocents

People ran scattered in many directions
So the police could claim otherwise
But not in D R Seenivasagam Park in Ipoh
I attended on 9/11/08

It was a peaceful event
No incident peacefully met
Listened to Lim Kit Siang
Kulasegaran, Din Merican, Nga
And I met Zorro aka Bernard Khoo

Saying No to ISA
In Ipoh the beginning of its candles light vigils
The atmosphere was subdued well behaved crowd too
There wasn’t a need for the police to intervene
Though I saw 3 police officers at the entrance

We are a peaceful loving people
Gathered together for a common vigil
Yet the BN government can’t see it our way
The people who voted them to sit on the throne
And this is what we got for our votes

Say No to ISA
It will be there everywhere
It is now in our minds and souls
We want change so it will be!

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