Wednesday, November 05, 2008


No man shall stand alone
In changing for the better
No one race should intimidate others
In religion it is recorded we are from the same family

On one hand they pray
Asking God for gifts and compassion
Forgiving trespasses and sins
Yet when they open their mouths
The evil words spring to life

No man shall be superior
In God eyes every one is equal
Only the devil wishes it to happen
We see it amongst our countrymen

No dominant race should feel superior
History has recorded they will suffer in plenty
It is through compassion and true spirit of togetherness
Where one can find peace and living in spiritual harmony

Let there be change in our thinking
In our laws to shape our destiny
RPK done his best
For that he is sent to Kah Moon Thing

He will not be alone
The like minded people go to light candle vigils
Protesting for rights and fairness
Abolish ISA and bring back true democracy
People have rights to fair trials, benefits and freedom
Choices of religions and languages spoken and used

Let fairness triumph in our lives
Living it and make history
Let other countries copy our way of life
Be fruitful and let us enjoy peace

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