Thursday, November 20, 2008


Razak Baginda about his innocence
Blasting the critics saying he wasn’t
Now that he is free to walk
The prosecutor doesn’t want to appeal

Why no appeal for a murder case?
No reasoning is given for not filing
Perplexing indeed in a murder trial
Now it sounds alright needling the sack

Put in writing in SD
In this way he shows he isn’t afraid
Of the charges against him
Swear on it let the law takes its course

Holding press conference
Telling his story to correct the wrong perception
Razak Baginda should make a SD
So the truth can be finally known

Bala had his two statutory declarations
With Razak Baginda version a basis can be formed
Will Razak go to make his SD?
I doubt it now he walks free

Atlantuya will not rest in peace
Blown into pieces scattered on the remote ground
Lying in pitiful pieces soul will not let go
Collecting the pieces to make it whole

Atlantuya is waiting
For her due from people who destroyed her
In the twilight darkness she roams
Until the culprits pay for her life lost
Into pieces scattered everywhere

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