Friday, November 21, 2008



Women wing
Now they want to contest
After months of saying flip flopping
Now the all out going for broke

The AP Queen for her last hurrah
The term she wants to hold before she goes
The Chihuahua barking out loud and clear
She has finally found her strength to contest

The contest line is set
The winner will stand in ovation
Amongst the women delegates
Cheering for the new leader
To lead the wing

The AP Queen has fought many battles
Nearing her end of her controversial reign
About AP and cronies
Now she knows her term is finally at end
Yet she wants to fight for another round
Before she finally bows out

The Chihuahua knows she has to go in
Too long playing second fiddle without much success
Maybe she gets bully yet she can’t do anything
Now she has found her voice
Time to spread her wings
Else walk into sunset forgetting about her dreams

The AP Queen and Chihuahua
Locked horns to fight their game
In the Women Wing to lead
Over the fence the calling can be heard
They know they have no choice
It is a game they couldn’t back out now

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