Monday, November 24, 2008

there is hope yet

The sleeping beauty’s lucky number 13
Irene Fernandez got acquitted today
Joy to all remember those still behind bars
Relinquishing for years waiting for justice done

Maybe the long petition
It got him to do right it
Lucky 13 finally came to rescue
A judge so impartial let her go

A small light in the darkness
People like Irene not many come our way
Fighting for her passionate believe
Every human has a right to freedom

Colors and creed have no difference
Irene goes out to give a helping hand
In pursuit of her caring life
She is persecuted unfairly

Instead of studying in truth
The government wants it to hide
Now there is a glimmer of hope
The Judiciary may turn around

Allah, the Merciful and Kind
He listens now He grants His grace
Not much though but a hope of light
We should try; never give up the fight
For truth prevails in pursuit of freedom

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