Monday, November 24, 2008


Good names silly ones
The parents’ name their children
The emotional drawback children face
Butt of jokes in school and in adult life

Some say it is for the good
To avoid the evil spirits to claim children lives
Name them the silly names
Fooling the evil ones and let the children grow
It isn’t easy to let go………………
The world of the unknown

The consulting mediums
The godly advices dispatching to worry parents
And so the tradition of avoiding death at young
The evil spirits let them live

For the Asians
Life is important than names
As long as the children can live
They should face life positively
Though the jokes will be spoken

For the English
I am not in their league
So I can’t figure out why
When the children’s names too
Sound silly and butt of jokes
Honey, darling, clay, bitch

Good names silly names
Parents think their choices
Ink permanently in a child life
A chance to grow for the unfortunate ones
So no evil will come early in their lives

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