Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The sum isn’t added up
Only $5,000 a month
He has to pay so many
In the end he gets nothing
He runs into deficit

How to motivate others?
When he can’t budget himself?
Look like something isn’t correct
Another lie like what we heard AMMO say
Without blinking their eyes

We always hear lies
Enough of it in our lives
Every time we open the pages of newspapers
We read about political lies……

About former Lord President
He was sacked; he wasn’t
The former PM disagreed
Nazi taxi disagreed
But the taxpayers paid $10.5 million
Now who felt the sore?

When money is lying there
One has to grab it and makes full use of it
In this world money talk
Like the guy coolly walking out in a bank
A bag full of money the guard didn’t know

Lies in many forms
What a joke to hear them say
Racists go free
Peaceful candle light vigils roughing up
By the men in blue

And we had been listening to lies
For over 51 years and yet it never ends
Niamah it is time we woke up
Make changes in our country
For the better in our lives

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