Saturday, November 29, 2008


The small small grey puppy
Running alone on the road
Somebody may have put it there
Looking bewildered no place to go

It runs to a neighbor house
Feeling so secured but for awhile
When the owner comes home
The small grey puppy has to go

She puts the small puppy outside her gate
The poor puppy wants to go in
Poking her small head between the steel bars
It gets stuck barking loudly……..

The owner comes to rescue the poor puppy
She brings it out and put it on the field
It is hope the small grey puppy going elsewhere
Maybe a child may just bring the small puppy home

The stray dogs and puppies plenty
The owners can’t be bothered about them
Throwing away the small puppies
Roaming aimlessly dying on the streets
Of hunger of no place to stay

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