Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The bedroom scenes
The private rendezvous
And in the parks; broken cars rock
Of the agility lovers
Initiating moves of over 5,000 years ago
In India the spiritual gurus and martial artists
Leading the world the trademarks until today

Don’t spend money asking sex experts
It is written in kama sutra the many ways of sex
The erotic, the sensual, the sexual, the unnatural but sex
The herbs required if you can understand it
And the methods to prop up one condiments

Learn the many ways of sexual positions
The sleeping, doggy, spooning, missionary
Back to back, wheelbarrow to market….
So many ways to enjoy a good exercise
Yet in this world we have problems….

And it never ends………..
The newspapers full of it
The guidebook of the ancient
Every one should take time to study
It worth the effort for one’s good
In relationships and beyond………

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