Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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By wooac on Flickr

When we speak as One Nation
When we tell others as One people
Then we can enrich ourselves and the world

Right now race it is
Every line every bit on the gravy train
It is so good to dip fingers into it
Feel the power of money
It makes it easy

So race becomes a setback
For the country marching to progress
The divide and rule tactics
Learning from the British

Even talking about equity shares
Forever it will not hit the target
Every time cronies get the stakes
They sell it in the open market
So it slides back to square one

It never ends
Unless the people change the government
You see for the present leaders to pass similar law
They pretend they never hear it at all

One Nation One people
The whirring whisper will make it
By events and lies, cronies and corruption
The people will change the government
It is now rolling only Humpty Dumpty still swinging
Never know he is going to fall…….very soon

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