Saturday, November 29, 2008


Religions challenge
Tracking the truth

Brewing mantras
Different people various interpretations
Linking it all back
The Lord of chess games

The Holy Quran says
“Islam is my religion”
So the rest shouldn’t be around?
When these religions flourished
Before the onslaught of Islam

Finally God says his religion
Will it be too late for the rest?
Traditions and thousand years passed
Will His people adopt the change?

For every epoch of human history
God destroys He makes new one again
And the whole chess games begin
Now the current epoch approaching its term
Will the people learn quickly understand His ways?

The ancient records about the end of time
In 2012 else it will fall on 2030
Yet here we are at our cross-roads
Challenging each other; killing to rule
Giving peace and tolerance hardly getting any where

Will we all disappear like the epochs of human history?
We never listen to the words; we never attempt to change
And those who try we make them suffer pain
In the name of Allah we have forgotten

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