Thursday, November 06, 2008


Economics turmoil
Running through the country
Every business man preparing for the inevitable
The stagflation and slow down in businesses

Our politicians aren’t in the loop
Harping on race and its benefits
Look at these people
Marching for one race
Calling for language supremacy

Ah they don’t wake up do they?
The world isn’t waiting for them
We can’t stick to one language
It is better to master a few
In this borderless world

When the country
Falls into economic bankruptcy
What this race will say?
The colonization by economic power
If they don’t wake up now

What they learned
They forget altogether
The idiots in our midst
Our tax money goes to waste

They think the BN government helps them
No sir it is our tax money making the difference
Wake up will you?
Don’t sleep through the ages!

We must think as Malaysians
Nothing to do with race and its policies
The earlier we wake up and all
It is easy for the country progresses

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