Sunday, November 09, 2008


One out of the bag
There are still 64 yet to go
Living quietly and in concrete walls
Some many years without facing a trial

The silent protests will go on
By the people asking for change
In the minds of the leaders
Don’t take our votes and forget

RPK released
The BN government wants to appeal
Enough of its lopsided arguments
Change ISA; feel the touch of the ground
Listen to the people
You are there because of them

One out of the bag
Many still waiting to
Knowing not what the future lie
Under a law no court proceeding arises

ISA must be buried
Don’t let short cut to cost misery
To others and families
Charge them in the court of law
Let it be fair and executed in court proceedings
This is as much as the government would have to do
For the people elected by the people

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