Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ring the bell
Few walk in to tell
A story dished out in the press
About a Mongolian woman dead and gone

Why she died?
What crime she done?
Got affairs couldn’t let go?
Knowing the players in high demand
Else she knew too much
She could derail one’s ambition plan

Ring the bell
Statutory declarations
One got into court
One got to go holiday

Who gave the order?
The poor woman must die
There is a link
Only the players run around
No one dares to sing

The drum beat
People can’t believe
One got free
Now he sings

One still fighting
In court of law
He believes what is right
Now he has to tell
With documentary evidence
Else he is going for the fall

Ring the bell
The people perception rule
Why never call the principle players?
Why silences hang over them?

Will the truth be found?
Ring the bell
The toll rate will tell
Business and power my dear Watson
This is why…..

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