Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Rear seat belts
For safety of passengers
Giving grace period
Then law comes into effect
1 January 2009

One of my cars
Now 24 years old
Old age has taken its toll
Yet it runs perfectly on the road

Rear seat belts
Sorry it has no anchorage points
No news about Mazda giving free seat belts
I guess I have to dismantle car rear seats
So I will not get summon……………

Road safety must start in schools
Wasting taxpayers’ money on slogans and advertisements
The government knows it doesn’t help
Yet it is going ahead because of money to interested parties

Our roads aren’t in good shape
So many potholes yet nothing really is done
People had died before yet it lingers on
Now telling us about rear seat belts

This old Madza lady
It has traveled with me
North and South, East and West
Going against flood prone areas too
She came out top
No I can’t retire the old lady
I rather sacrifice the rear seat

I guess this is the prelude
Of retiring old cars over 15 years
The car manufacturers are clamoring for it
Just wait the ruling will come to enforce
Niahmah they don’t think
North South East and West
They just want to shoot!

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