Wednesday, November 19, 2008


CJ on the chair
Telling his story
Reporters gathered
Listening to his tales
When he started
As a lawyer

The hard way to get
Bribery to get it done
Telling of his experiences
Reporters eagerly wrote it down

When it was published
CJ couldn’t believe his eyes
He has tainted on his chair
His honesty and integrity in doubt
Peoples’ perception will be different
What now he wants to say?

Like all politicians
Misquoted by reporters
When they had tape recorders
Capturing the words and sounds

Misquoted a disease of the mind
When the truth prevails, CJ wants to hide
Now KS makes police report
Asking CJ to resign

The truth is hard to tell
Saying sorry too falls flat
Twisting stories to hide agendas
Ask for “The 4 Way Test”
It will make living so much so easy

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