Thursday, November 13, 2008


Bali bombers 3
In the end they died by firing squad
For crimes committed against innocents
Claiming under the misconception of jihad

Islam doesn’t allow violence
It wants peace and living harmoniously with others
Telling others this is how Muslims doing it
Now fundamentalists going in
Like the other religions
It has diverted its true calling

Bali bombers 3
Relatives and friends couldn’t accept it
When 220 lost their lives
What they were thinking?
Celebrating for taking lives?

Go back to the core issues
Islam isn’t for personal glory
Islam isn’t for taking lives
Saying it is working for Allah
Spreading its wings to the world

Don’t they learn slow and steady win the race?
Sacrifices to tell and teach others about Islam
Show patience and willingness to go the mile
It isn’t about taking lives
These militants of corrupted minds
They give a bad name
And I am ashamed
Of the burden many like me
We have to carry in our lives

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