Thursday, November 27, 2008


The BN government sings
Beautifully the leaders think
Out of tune in most people ears
Painting strong economic fundamentals
They are just fooling with our tax money

Our economy isn’t standing alone
It has to challenge into world markets too
Exporting it to the countries………..
When fair trade packages exist

When major developed countries are in troubles
We can’t call the ghost-busters to clean up the mess
There is no way to find ghosts stomping the ground
It is the corruption and greed that dwell the wealth

Big companies fall asking for financial assistance
Spending and expanding beyond its capabilities
Finally the shaky ground breaks the foundations
And we have our leaders singing out of tune
Of economic reality in our shores

And what we hear
Talking ways to control sins
When it doesn’t happen over 50 years ago
Don’t the leaders learn anything at all?

The economic downturn will arrive
The government leaders shouldn’t lie
Don’t issue social statements any more
It is now back to bread and butter issues
Money, money, and more money………

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