Sunday, November 30, 2008


Now the questions will be asked
How the Mumbai tragedy could happen?
Everything has been said and done
The terrorists will strike at any time

Likewise of 9/11 of US
Knowing that wrongful use of ‘jihad’
The followers think they are going to heavens
Attacking the innocents branding the type of warfare

Yet the followers don’t ask
Why the leaders never go to attack?
Asking the followers do the dirty work
Losing lives promising heavens

The chess game of the God
He moves the set pieces
Many die when He closes his moves
Telling the many we are the pawns
In His game of good and evil

No matter what propaganda
Through our human history
The religion(s) will be used as an excuse
To dominate the masses to do the pleading of a few

As long as God plays His chess game
Nothing will be free
Everything has a price to pay
In exchange of something of value or worst

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