Tuesday, January 25, 2022

MO1 tactics of delay


MO1 tactics of delay

The final truth he will hear

He is still a convict

Until he can clear in Federal Court

Now he wants to apply for QC

He wants to delay his case from mentioning

He is desperate to avoid his jail sentence

But he knows the score in his head

He can't escape the inevitable

He used the millions he knew the score

He wants to play innocent but he fails

Now he plays his last card for a QC

His case is not exceptional

With it he doesn't need a QC

He has his hot shot lawyer

Now he can't fire his bullets?

The FC should reject his call

QC is for exceptional cases

MO1 case is corruption

Nothing exceptional but to delay his jail

MO1 should pack his bag

Go and live in Bamboo River

He can sing his songs for all to hear

There are many wanting to learn a thing or two

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