Friday, August 12, 2022

the blue eye party chief


The blue eye

The appointed state chief

Rounding up for the party

Gearing up to face GE15

A few have many on their plates

Crossing over the boundaries to share

What they can do and beat the wolves

These leaders may not be effective

The locals may not like it

They need their own locals to take charge

But as it stands out today

Anwar may not realize his action

He has to give face to the local leaders

They know the ground better than the outsiders

This move will not break the chain of losses

He better appoints deputies in those states

The unhappy local leaders

The road will not be traffic free

There will be many stops

The results may not sound good

The blue eye leaders

The narrow gap isn't good

There is no room to strike

When internal conflicts arise!

Unless the local leaders see

The good for the nation as a whole

Put their sentiments aside

Face the wolves and triumph!

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